Your health should not be determined by the size of your bank account or the neighbourhood you live in.

15,000 people live in poverty in Sault Ste. Marie and 1 in 5 families can’t afford access to basic recreation. By providing financial assistance the Sault Ste. Marie YMCA is able to open our doors to nearly one-quarter of our members who otherwise could not afford it.

As a long-standing charity with a rich 120-year history in the community, we are very proud of the role that we have played in ensuring that everyone has a place where they belong. The YMCA exists purely to help make the community a better place. We do so with a focus on providing opportunities for everyone to learn, participate and contribute to healthier choices and lifestyles. The YMCA is a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of economic circumstance. Through the YMCA’s Strong Kids financial assistance program, the YMCA and its programs remain accessible to all.

We are not just a building. We are a movement.

We are committed to transforming Sault Ste. Marie into a healthier community. We create spaces where all can participate, build relationships, and everyone is given the opportunity to reach their potential. When you support the YMCA, you are helping ensure that no one in our community gets left behind.  We are challenging YOU Sault Ste. Marie to join us in supporting #ssmstrongkids by donating today!

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