About Aquatics

* Please note that the aquatics schedule is subject to change. For any last-minute scheduling changes please refer to our Facebook page or call Membership Services at 705-949-3133.

Aquatics Policy

Admission Standards for Public Pools were developed by the Office of the Chief Coroner; the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care strongly supports these recommendations for the purposes of preventing injuries and fatalities.    The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA standards meet or exceed the recommended standards issued by the Chief Coroner of Ontario.

Individuals with serious medical conditions should only use the pool or attend aquatic fitness classes accompanied by someone who has knowledge of their condition.

Aquatic Wrist Band Procedure

For increased safety in our aquatic facility, all swimmers under 11 years of age (ages 6-10 years) who wish to swim in the deep end of the main pool must complete a brief swim test. Upon successful completion of the swim test, swimmers will be given a green wrist band, allowing them to enter the deep end of the main pool. Those who are unsuccessful in completing the swim test as well as those who elect not to do the swim test must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 16 years of age for their direct supervision and must be within arm’s reach at all times, will only have access to the leisure pool or the shallow end of the main pool up to the buoy line.

1) Swim one full length of the main pool from shallow end to deep end along a wall without stopping or touching the wall/bottom.

While swimming, the child must:

  • Complete the entire distance on their front (front crawl preferred)
  • Swim continuously
  • Swim with face in a minimum of 3 times
  • Show ability to take breath
  • Not touch the bottom
  • Not stop and rest

2) Jump into the deep water from side of pool. Surface from jump and tread 30 seconds without touching a wall.

While jumping into the deep water from side of pool, the child must:

  • Jump into deep water from side of pool
  • Jump away from the side with comfort
  • Easily surfaces to top of water.

When treading water for 30 seconds, the child must:

  • Keep his/her head out of the water for the full 30 seconds
  • Appear comfortable
  • Be able to move comfortably to the side of the pool after the completion of the 30 seconds.