Fitness Programs

Program Registration

Registration can be transacted by phone, online, fax or in person on a first – come, first – served basis. Please have all program information available, in addition to your preferred method of payment. Every effort will be made to add additional programs when a waiting list is generated. Those on the waiting list will be contacted only if a spot becomes available. All of our Adult Fitness classes are included in your membership and are on a drop in basis.

Non-member fees

We are welcoming non-members to participate in ALL of our programs at special non-member fees.

The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA is proud to offer fitness and wellness programs to meet the individual needs of our community.

Wellness Initiative: This initiative allows participants to begin individual fitness activities. This 3-month membership includes 3 visits per week.  A medical referral is required with direction from your health care provider.
$150.00 + tax.

Wellness Centre Orientation: A trained YMCA Wellness Centre staff or volunteer will show you how to safely and effectively use our weight-training and cardio equipment and provide standard fitness training guidelines.  An appointment is required and more than one orientation is allowed if needed. Come prepared with proper attire including indoor shoes.

Nutrition Counselling: Receive one-on-one nutrition advice as well as an eating program from a Certified Nutrition Counsellor.
$50.00 + tax per session

Cancer Fitness Training: This is individualized fitness training for cancer survivors with a certified trainer. This 3-month membership includes an individualized fitness program over 6 sessions with additional check-ins. Scheduling is done with your trainer. 
$250.00 + tax.