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Every journey starts with a first goal, a first day and a first step. Taking the leap to start a new lifestyle or join a new community is not easy, but it will be the most rewarding step! At the YMCA, we make the first step the best step, with a welcoming community that creates a sense of belonging and programs to get everyone feeling the benefits of movement. 

Ready to take your first step towards your goals? Join the YMCA today! 

One membership, all the benefits: 

  • A free fitness consultation
  • Free swim lessons for all ages
  • Unlimited drop-in group fitness classes including yoga, Muscle Fit, cycling and more
  • Unlimited drop-in pool activities including Aquafit and lane swimming
  • Member discounts on registered programs and personal training
  • Free membership hold options
  • Access to Canadian YMCA membership centres

PLUS Membership allows access to a private air-conditioned adult change room, for members 18 years and over, as well as access to a sauna, whirlpool, towels, toiletries and lounge. Women’s Plus has access to a workout area.

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Membership Fees plus tax (monthly) effective May 2024

Youth (up to 14)$33.50
Young Adult (15 to 23)$41.50
Young Adult PLUS (18+)

$41.50 +

$24.50 (men) / $15.00 (women)*

Adult PLUS

$60.50 +

$24.50 (men) / $15.00 (women)*

Senior (65+)$48.50
Senior PLUS (65+)$48.50 +
$24.50 (men) / $15.00 (women)*
Couple PLUS$115.00 +
$24.50 (men) / $15.00 (women)*
1 Adult Family*$60.50 + $15.00/child (2 to 17 years)
2 Adult Family*$115.00 + $15.00/child (2 to 17 years)
1 Adult PLUS Family*

$60.50 +

$24.50 (men) / $15.00 (women)*

+ $15.00/child (2 to 17 years)

2 Adult PLUS Family*

$115.00 +

$24.50 (men) / $15.00 (women)*

+ $15.00/child (2 to 17 years)

*PLUS memberships for women will be temporarily discounted to $15 due to ongoing repairs to the whirlpool in the women’s PLUS club.  This work is expected to last until the end of 2024

Towel Service: Add towel service to any member package for $12.00/person (excluding Plus memberships where it is already included).

Day Use Fee plus tax (including open swims)

Youth (up to 14)$5.00
Young Adult (15 to 23)$6.50
Senior (65+)$8.00

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Your YMCA membership fees can be paid in full by cash, cheque, debit, MasterCard, Visa, or by installments through our convenient pre-authorized monthly payment plan. All monthly memberships on a pre-authorized plan will be continuous. The YMCA requires membership cancellations to be signed in person by the main contact on the account 5 days before at the Membership Sales & Service desk.

We have a hold and cancellation admin fee of $5.00

We process a fee of $20.00 for  ALL refunds.

Membership Plus allows access to a private air-conditioned adult change room, for members 18 years and over, as well as access to a sauna, whirlpool, towels, toiletries and lounge. Women’s Plus has access to a workout area.

All fees are subject to applicable taxes.

  • Fees are subject to change with 30 days’ notice.
  • In order to maintain our equipment and facilities, the YMCA reserves the right to close program and service areas for repair and refurbishment. Where possible, advance notice will be given. We are unable to provide refunds in these cases.
  • Programs may be subject to change due to low enrolment.

Members on the monthly Pre-Authorized Payment Plan are renewed automatically. Those who choose to pay in full will be required to renew annually on their anniversary date. Refunds for courses not included in membership are not available after courses begin (with the exception of medical reasons).

We have a hold and cancellation admin fee of $5.00

We process a fee of $20.00 for  ALL refunds.

The YMCA Strong Communities Campaign provides an opportunity to participate in YMCA programs and services, for those unable to afford it. If your current financial circumstances are preventing your family from accessing the YMCA, please contact the Membership Sales & Service desk for a Financial Assistance Application.

To arrange a confidential appointment for Financial Assistance, please see the Membership Sales & Service desk. Applicants will be asked to provide documentation of personal income and expenses.

Financial Assistance Application

Sign-In Procedure: Any person entering the building must sign in upon arrival at the Membership Sales & Service Desk, either scanning your membership card or showing a piece of government issued photo identification.

Supervision of children: Children up to and including 12 years of age must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian over the age of 16 unless they are participating in a YMCA program. Parents must remain in the facility while their child is participating in a program. Children must be 13 years of age to be in the Wellness Centre and must receive an orientation from YMCA staff. Children always have free access to use a telephone to call a parent.

Lockers: Please bring a lock. Lockers are reserved for day use only. Locks left on overnight will be removed without notice and the contents removed. Coin operated lockers are available in the Family Change Room, on a first come, first serve basis. The YMCA is not responsible for stolen or lost contents.

Pictures & Technology Etiquette:  Please note that taking pictures or videos during any YMCA program/activity is not permitted.

The YMCA values and respects the privacy and security of our members and participants. We ask that you please turn off all cell phones, digital cameras and other electronic devices that may infringe upon the enjoyment, privacy and security of fellow members and participants. We appreciate your co-operation in helping to create an enjoyable experience for all.

FAMILY applies to a maximum of two adult spouses living at the same address and any number of dependent children, up to age 18, living at the same address.