Frequently Asked Questions

All adults must be listed on the Summer/Holiday Day Camp sign in and sign out sheet and all adults picking up child(ren) must provide valid government photo ID: Driver’s License, Health Card, Passport. You must enter the building with your child(ren).  Drop off will be between 8:30-9:00am and pick up will be between 4:30-5:00pm. 

Your child should refrain from participating in Holiday Camps if he/she has nausea, sniffles (not related to allergies), runny nose, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and diarrhea, sore throat, worsening cough, fever >37.8, close contact with any who was exposed to COVID-19. all children and youth participating in holiday camps will be screened and have temperatures taken by camp staff before each session.

Your child must be 12 years of age to sign themselves out.

Electronic devices, toys, stuffed animals (unless for sensory purposes), headphones, trading cards.

Our membership sales and services staff member can provide you with subsidizing funding forms or click on the form under the how to register tab in camp options.

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water bottles, proper footwear, swimsuits, bug spray, life jacket if necessary.

Nutritious snacks that will keep them full and energized, healthy notorious snacks, and all campers will be treated to a pizza lunch on Fridays. If you are registering your child in 2020 season Holiday camps, lunches are not provided due to COVID regulations

Yes we provide daily camper options, camp still will try and place camper(s) in day camp of preference. This year for our Holiday camps, daily options are not available.

No, the YMCA does not provide 1:1 support. If any child needs support at school parents must provide 1:1 support at Summer/Holiday Day Camps.

YMCA Membership Sales and Services staff will provide parents with medication administration and consent forms.  All forms must be filled out with the correct name of medication, dosage, and timing of dosages. All medications will be held by the Summer Camp Site Managers, and Supervisor of Child, Youth, and Family

The Supervisor of Child, Youth, and Family as well as the Summer Day Camp Site Managers will be happy to help you.