Facility Update

Dear members,

We have had a few inquiries regarding re-opening our facility on Sundays. This is something we wish to do as soon as is feasible.
As you can imagine the Covid-19 pandemic over the past 2+ years has had a tremendous negative impact on our YMCA.

Government-mandated restrictions and lockdowns not only resulted in the loss of substantial revenue but also in staffing issues. A number of staff were permanently lost due to lockdown layoffs, while those still with us continue to deal with health unit guidelines with respect to lost time at work due to positive tests or being close contacts. This on top of a general labour shortage across the province affecting most industries.

Since being allowed to return to 100% capacity we are working to address staffing shortages and are entering into a pandemic recovery phase. Once we can ensure that we have adequate staffing in place and our finances have stabilized we will eagerly return to being open on Sundays.

We anticipate this to happen by the end of August, barring any pandemic setbacks or a return to government-imposed restrictions.
We ask for patience as we enter what we hope is the recovery period of the pandemic, stabilize our operations, and eventually return to being open on Sundays.

Thank you for the ongoing kindness, respect and empathy that you continue to show to our front desk Member Services staff, and also thank you for your patience and your support.


Robert Burns, CEO
Sault Ste. Marie YMCA