Membership Rates Update – May 9, 2024

As we move forward, we have made some adjustments to our membership model and rates to better position the YMCA for the future.

While many members will see no changes to their membership category or rate, we understand that some members may experience a slight price increase.

We want to remind members that we have recently revamped our members subsidy program to make it much easier to apply and receive membership support if needed. If this change is going to pose challenges, we strongly encourage you to apply for the Y’s subsidized membership. Simply visit our Membership Services Desk.

Membership Fees plus tax (monthly) effective May 2024

*PLUS memberships for women will be temporarily discounted to $15 due to ongoing repairs to the whirlpool in the women’s PLUS club.  This work is expected to last until the end of 2024

Towel Service: Add towel service to any member package for $12.00/person (excluding Plus memberships where it is already included).